NEC Australia has a 50-year history of investing in and doing business in this country. NEC’s third largest country business after Japan and the United States, the Australian subsidiary has expanded its presence through organic growth, acquisition and partnerships. In the last 15 years alone, NEC Australia has spent more than A$200 million in research and development. It has established an innovation centre in Melbourne and a Global Security Intel Centre in Adelaide, as well as a corporate office at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus that will create 180 new ICT jobs in regional New South Wales.

Image courtesy of NEC Australia

Image courtesy of NEC Australia

Serving Australia for 50 years

NEC Australia has been part of Australia’s ICT community for more than 50 years. The company’s capabilities have evolved from basic telephony to a full suite of IT services in line with the changing needs of Australia’s businesses and government organisations. IT and data service contracts – such as a recent five-year ICT Service Agreement with Western Australia – now comprise the majority of NEC Australia’s revenues.

The Australian subsidiary is now NEC’s third largest country business after Japan and the US. Employee numbers have risen from five when it opened its first office in Mulgrave in Victoria in 1969, to more than 1,800 today.

Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investment

NEC is combining organic growth, acquisition and partnerships with hundreds of millions of dollars of investment in research and development to entrench itself as a leader in Australia.

A prominent example of NEC Australia’s preparedness to make acquisitions to boost its capabilities came in 2012, when it acquired the technology solutions business arm of Australian ICT company CSG Technology Solutions, which was one of the largest ICT acquisitions in Australia. The transaction boosted NEC Australia’s capabilities in the government and small-to-medium business sectors in Australia.

The company has also demonstrated a deep commitment to innovation by investing more than A$200 million in research and development over the past 15 years. It further reinforced its commitment by opening a new Australian headquarters and innovation centre in Melbourne’s Docklands district in February 2016.

NEC Australia has been actively forging partnerships and building the stock of talent, skills and expertise in Australian states. In June 2016, NEC Australia, NEC Japan and the South Australian Government announced a partnership to establish a A$4.8 million Global Security Intel Centre (GSIC). The GSIC, which aims to address growing global demand for cyber security capabilities, is a key project under the Adelaide Smart City initiative.

NEC Australia has also recognised the enormous potential of Australia’s regional centres and their educational institutions to grow the country’s intellectual capital. As part of an A$40 million investment in the Illawarra region, the business opened a corporate office at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus that will support customers across Australia.

The office will also help create 130 new ICT jobs in regional New South Wales; promote partnerships and collaboration with the University on cyber security; and support a program that enables selected graduates to work alongside NEC Australia team members.

NEC Australia’s regional development focus is not limited to areas outside Australia’s metropolitan areas – it is also playing a key role in the development of nearby countries. In 2015, two schools in the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste accessed the internet for the first time under an NEC Australia–facilitated agreement involving Timor-Leste and the NT Government Department of Education.

Providing technology to support agencies in times of crisis

Many of NEC Australia’s projects add to the capabilities and performance of the agencies that Australians rely on in times of crisis.

Recent engagements in the emergency services and crime prevention areas include a multimillion-dollar telephony solutions and services contract to support Victoria’s Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (the critical link between the state’s community and its emergency services agencies), and a biometric identification project for the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the national information-sharing service for Australia’s police, law enforcement and the Department of Home Affairs.

The Australian Information Industry Association awarded NEC Australia the Infrastructure and Platforms Innovation of the Year iAward for a project undertaken for the Northern Territory Police Force. NEC Australia’s system enables police officers to identify people being brought into custody in less than 10 seconds. This capability potentially saves lives and has reduced the time police need to spend on administration by up to 75 days, enabling them to spend more time working with the community.