US and Australia: an investment relationship worth A$1.47 trillion

Produced by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney (USSC) with support from the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham), the Indispensable economic partners: The US–Australia investment relationship report is a comprehensive analysis of the investment relationship between Australia and the US, its largest direct investor.

The US is Australia’s largest direct investor, with a deep investment history that has embedded US investment in Australians’ day to day lives.

The investment is also two-way, and many Australian companies invest in the US. Combined, the investment relationship between the US and Australia is worth more than A$1.47 trillion – almost as large as Australia’s gross domestic product.

Discover the report for a historic overview of US foreign direct investment into Australia, survey results from academic and business leaders, an overview of the importance of US capital markets to Australia, and unique infographics and statistics showing local job and economic benefits.


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