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Jean-Baptiste Nithart - Ag Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, France, Belgium and Spain

Tel: +33 (1) 5677 1234

Jean-Baptiste is the acting Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for France, Belgium and Spain. Most recently, Jean-Baptiste focused on promoting and attracting foreign direct investment into Australia within the defense and infrastructure sectors. Overall, Jean-Baptiste has an extensive investment attraction expertise across European markets and sectors.

Carolyn Abela Rebiscoul - Investment Director, France and Belgium

Carolyn Abela-Rebiscoul

Tel: +33 (1) 5677 1235

Carolyn’s focus is on natural resources, renewable energy, hydrogen, space technologies and services. Carolyn has longstanding multi-sectoral expertise in direct investment project origination and facilitation, economic diplomacy and project management. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, in Austria and is fully multilingual in English, French, German and Spanish.

Thibaut Buat, Investment Director, France and Belgium

Tel: +33 (1) 5677 1243

Thibaut focuses in promoting and attracting foreign direct investment into Australia within the services & technology sector, cybersecurity and defense. He also works in the development of the Australia – France relationship within the Fintech sector including industries, governments and regulators. Thibaut has spent several years working in Latin America, Canada, Australia and China, and speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Didier Rafidiarimanda, Senior Business Development Manager, France

Tel: +33 (1) 5677 1236

Didier focuses on advising and assisting Australian defence, security and dual-use technology companies on joint venture partnerships, trade and expansion in the French, Belgian and Spanish markets. Prior to joining Austrade, Didier worked for companies in the Defence, Security and Energy sectors

Freddy Dutoit, Senior Business Development Manager, France and Belgium

Tel: +33 (1) 5677 1233

Freddy focuses on assisting Australian companies to evaluate the French, Belgian and Luxemburg markets and identify business opportunities. He is Belgian and has always been active in business development and international trade in different organizations prior to joining Austrade in Paris. Freddy has gained an extensive knowledge in agribusiness and the health sector.

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