How Austrade can help

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) is responsible for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Australia.

Austrade helps international companies establish and build their business in Australia.

We understand the challenges of investing. We seek to provide the information required to make good investment decisions and to provide a coordinated approach that saves investors time and money.

What we provide:

Initial coordination of all investment enquiries and assistance – Austrade provides a central point of contact to navigate investment services available in Australia. Our network of offices in over 50 countries also means that we can often provide support and guidance in investors’ home markets and in their own language.

Information on the Australian business and regulatory environment – Austrade helps international companies understand how to do business in Australia including:

  • Guidance at the early stages of the investment decision-making process
  • Information on issues such as economic factors, business costs, the taxation regime, ease of doing business, investment regulations, skills availability and immigration
  • Advice on Australian business practices and cultural customs
  • Assistance and introductions for establishing operations in Australia.

Market intelligence and investment opportunities – Austrade advises international companies on investment opportunities in Australia by providing:

  • Tailored research on industry capabilities and opportunities
  • Advice on market developments, trends and forecasts
  • Information on peers and competitors in the Australian market
  • Support for Australian subsidiary business proposals to global headquarters.

Identification of suitable investment locations and partners in Australia – Austrade works as appropriate with Australian state and territory governments to identify partners and locations for international investors through:

  • Comparative information on different Australian locations
  • Identification of specific locations and sites, based on your requirements
  • Organisation of visit programs and meeting schedules in Australia
  • Introductions to specialists and possible partners including: local market, industry experts and professional service providers (e.g. legal, taxation); relevant federal, state and local governments, regulatory agencies and authorities; and research and development partnership opportunities and potential business partners.

Advice on Australian government programs and approval processes – Austrade can connect international investors to government programs to maximise their investment through:

  • Advice on government development programs that may be applicable to your business, including support for skills development, research and innovation activities
  • Advice on government approvals required for your business and help to streamline the relevant processes
  • Advice on exporting to third markets through Austrade’s trade services to Australian subsidiaries.

Accessing Austrade’s investment services

Austrade’s investment services are free of charge and are focused on productive foreign direct investment (FDI) outcomes of strategic importance to the Australian economy, build capability and enhance productivity.

Please note we do not assist with real estate and portfolio investments, sales or representation offices, straight acquisitions, hostile takeovers or investments by individuals.

For more information on Austrade’s investment services speak to one of our Investment Specialists directly, or send an enquiry through our website.