Australian Tropical Medicine Commercialisation Grants Programme launched

13 Nov 2015

Australia’s Trade and Investment Minister, Andrew Robb, has officially launched the A$8.5 million Australian Tropical Medicine Commercialisation Grants Programme (ATMCGP).

The launch took place during the Tropical Medicine Investment session on November 8 at the Northern Australian Investment Forum in Darwin.

The ATMCGP is designed to assist Australian research institutions and biotech companies to attract foreign investment into their development of new therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics for tropical diseases, such as malaria, Dengue Fever and tuberculosis.

The programme will open for applications on 25 November 2015 and close on 19 February 2016. Click here for more information.

Funding will be awarded to projects which:

  • Increase foreign investment into the commercialisation of Australian tropical medicine research and development (R&D);
  • Lift Australia’s position in the global supply chain; and
  • Create opportunities for Australian researchers and businesses to access Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to translate Australian tropical medicine R&D into commercialisation and clinical outcomes.

Eligible projects will include Proof-of-Concept (POC) activities that will generate data to demonstrate the technical or commercial application of the research or technology.

The main intent of the programme is to match funding from overseas pharmaceutical companies and global health philanthropies for the development of new tropical medicines and controls.