Land Tenure in Northern Australia

16 Nov 2015

Understanding land tenure in Northern Australia and successfully navigating the implications of different land tenure options can be fundamental to successful investment in the north.

The first edition of an historic explanatory guide on land tenure – what it means and how it works – was announced at the final session of the Northern Australia Investment Forum, held in Darwin in early November.

Available online, the guide provides business friendly information about the various forms of land tenure and native title which operate across northern Australia, while the National Map website has an interactive map on tenure and title across Australia’s north.

The Northern Australia Land Tenure website has an investor-focused guide for engaging with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Land Councils, and comprehensive information on freehold land, aboriginal freehold land, leasehold land, crown land, pastoral leases, native title, reserves, and sacred sites.

The guide also covers why particular forms of tenure and native title exist, how the systems of tenure and native title are deployed in each jurisdiction, who holds title, and how investors can work in partnership with native title holders.