Bosch investment unlocks Australian smartphone key innovation

01 Sep 2017

Bosch Australia’s automotive electronics group has invented a new ‘Perfectly Keyless’ system that transforms smartphones into car keys.

Perfectly Keyless is a digital car key. To use it, drivers download an app onto their smartphones, and connect their cars to the app. Once they have done this, the smartphone generates a one-off security key that fits their respective vehicle’s digital lock.

The unique technology uses a wireless connection to the on-board sensors to measure how far away the smartphone is, and to identify the security key. Once the distance between driver and vehicle is less than two meters, the car door is unlocked.

In a Bosch media release, Harald Kröger, President of the company’s Automotive Electronics division, says their digital vehicle access system means that drivers will be able to do without traditional car keys.

‘It’s a great example of stress-free connected mobility,’ adds Kröger.

The Australian innovation is now a global Bosch project spanning three continents and is being prepared for volume production, with a view to be on the market in two years.

‘Perfectly Keyless is an example of the high-value engineering work that can be done in Australia in a post-passenger vehicle manufacturing environment,’ says Gavin Smith, President of Bosch Australia.

Bosch Australia employs more than 200 engineers working in the development and application of vehicle electronics, cyber security gateways, vehicle safety and driver assistance systems for the global car industry. It generates annual revenue of more than A$800 million in the Oceania region and employs 1,400 people.

Bosch has had a presence in Australia since 1907 and established its first wholly owned subsidiary in 1954. The Bosch Group has 350 subsidiaries and regional companies and operates in more than 150 countries around the world.