Danish company to open fish-feed factory to supply Australia’s growing aquaculture sector

11 May 2017

BioMar Group, a Danish manufacturer and distributor of commercial fish-feed, is establishing a greenfield factory in Australia to support the local aquaculture sector.

Due for completion in late 2019, the factory is expected to achieve annual production capacity of 11,000 metric tonnes of fish feed for a broad range of species including salmon, trout and yellowtail kingfish.

In a media release, Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar Group says the Australian factory will supply local customers that previously had their orders filled from BioMar’s factories in Chile and Scotland.

‘The feed factory in Australia will be supported by our established factories, technical experts and global R&D department,’ he says. ‘I am confident that our approach of balancing local agility and global excellence will give us a solid position in Australasia.’

BioMar’s decision to invest in a fish-feed factory in Australia is driven by growing demand from Australia’s aquaculture market, which the company rates as having high-growth potential across a broad range of species. The company believes its local presence will help BioMar gain hands-on understanding of local farming conditions and challenges relating to sustainability, feed safety and food quality.

‘We have already established successful cooperative relationships with key customers and are looking forward to working with a broader base of customers to help develop Australia and New Zealand’s aquaculture industries,’ says Diaz.

Founded in Denmark in 1962, BioMar Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of fish feed for more than 45 fish and shrimp species in over 80 countries.

The exact location is yet to be announced, but when its Australian factory opens in 2019, BioMar Group will be joining other global fish-feed suppliers taking advantage of Australia’s growing aquaculture sector. In January 2017, Australian Securities Exchange–listed Ridley Corporation announced plans to open a A$50 million aquaculture feed mill in northern Tasmania.

Investments in Australia’s aquaculture value chain are helping to improve the aquaculture industry’s overall competitiveness. These investments also help improve product quality, as feed ingredients are tailored to Australian conditions and can respond more quickly to changes in demand. It helps position Australian aquaculture for significant future growth.