Japanese university to open first offshore campus in Australia

05 May 2017

Nihon University is opening its first campus outside of Japan in Newcastle, New South Wales.

The university has purchased the former Newcastle Law Courts, a heritage-listed building that will be restored to include classrooms for up to 200 local and international students, a library and a 100-bed dormitory.

Austrade’s Investment and Education teams worked closely with Nihon University over a three-year period to finalise the purchase of the A$6.6 million courthouse.

In a media release, NSW Trade Minister, Niall Blair says Nihon University’s arrival is a win for the local economy and community.

‘I’m thrilled Nihon University has chosen Newcastle to launch its first-ever offshore campus,’ says Blair. ‘The university will not only provide a boost to the economy but will also add to the cultural fabric of the community.

‘Japan is NSW’s biggest export market and the largest source of investment from Asia. This is a fantastic result for the state and our international education sector, which is worth A$7.2 billion to our economy.’

Dr Kichibee Otsuka, President of Nihon University, says Nihon University is excited Newcastle will be home to the university’s first offshore campus.

‘Australia, with its superb universities, multicultural society and its respect for other cultures, was the natural choice for Nihon University,’ he says. ‘The city of Newcastle, its people and environment convinced us that it is the ideal place for our students and teaching staff to pursue their studies and research.’

Established in 1889 as Nihon Law School, Nihon University is Japan’s largest private university with approximately 75,000 undergraduate students. The university also operates high schools, junior high and primary schools, and kindergartens.