Microsoft expands its cloud presence in Australia

04 Sep 2017

US-based Microsoft, has announced the creation of two new Azure cloud regions in Canberra, Australia, increasing the number of Azure regions to 42 globally. Azure is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. It offers a range of cloud services such as compute, analytics, storage and networking.

Microsoft is partnering with Canberra Data Centre (CDC), an Australian-owned, specialist data centre operator, to become the only major cloud provider in Australia to deliver services which meet the security classification requirements for government data.

This investment from Microsoft adds to recent news that a number of Microsoft Azure services have been certified by the Australian Signals Directorate, including services for cybersecurity, machine learning, internet-of-things, and data management.

Mark Leigh, Microsoft One Commercial Partner Lead, said that in Australia, thousands of Microsoft partners develop technology solutions for the public sector.

‘They support the operations of government, they employ tens of thousands of staff and they contribute to the quality and prosperity of our country. With their help, Australian federal, state and local governments are accelerating their pace of innovation, increasingly within the cloud.’

Some adopters of Azure include:

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a global software and services leader, headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It announced a revenue of US$23.6 billion in its third fiscal quarter for 2017 and reportedly employs over 120,000 staff across the world.