15MW hydrogen power plant to be built in South Australia

12 Mar 2018

German company thyssenkrupp is working with The Hydrogen Utility (H2U) to develop a 15MW hydrogen electrolyser power plant in South Australia.

The proposed A$117.5 million facility will include a 15MW electrolyser plant, a distributed ammonia production facility, and a 10MW hydrogen-­fired gas turbine and 5MW hydrogen fuel cell, both of which will supply power to the grid.

Investment Attraction South Australia says the electrolyser plant will be one of the largest green hydrogen production facilities worldwide. It will also be among the first ever commercial facilities to produce distributed ammonia from intermittent renewable resources that can be used as an industrial fertiliser.

Thirty ongoing jobs will be created once the power plant is operational. Dr Attilio Pigneri, CEO of H2U, says the project will provide the perfect training ground for a new wave of green hydrogen professionals in Australia.

‘We are very lucky to be able to work with local academic institutions, such as the University of Adelaide, and the local energy market regulator, towards the establishment of training programs for certified operators, technicians and professionals that can support the growth of the industry in Australia, including new “pathways to employment” programs for disadvantaged sectors of the local community,’ says Dr Pigneri.

David Grabau, Senior Investment Specialist at Austrade, says Australia is positioned to become a global source of green hydrogen. ‘Our solar and wind resources, falling technology costs, supportive government policies and innovative companies like H2U provide us with the tools we need to deliver,’ says Grabau.

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