Chinese rideshare DiDi at your doorstep

06 Jul 2018

The world’s largest ridesharing company, DiDi Chuxing, has selected Australia as the first Western market in its international expansion.

The Chinese company launched its DiDi Express service on 25 June in Melbourne after completing a month-long trial in Geelong, Victoria. DiDi Express will operate as a wholly owned Australian subsidiary.

‘DiDi wishes to contribute to the growth of Australia as a long-term investor and business partner by offering affordable, reliable and convenient mobility options and income-generating opportunities,’ says Dillon Ye, Head of DiDi in Australia and New Zealand says in the Australian Financial Review.

A company media statement adds that DiDi chose Australia due to its diversified mobility needs, business-friendly environment and inclusive culture. ‘In Australia we're making a long-term commitment to the market and hiring local talent to build a team that can leverage local know-how to customise our tech solutions.’

Globalisation is one of DiDi’s core strategic directions; as well as entering Australia, the company recently launched its services in Mexico and Japan. In these countries as well as in Australia, DiDi plans to enter into public–private partnerships on smart city transportation solutions to help governments achieve their environmental sustainability goals.

Founded in 2012, DiDi Chuxing is the world’s most valuable startup by market valuation, currently standing at US$56 billion. According to the company, in China alone, DiDi’s app-based transport services are used by approximately 450 million people in more than 400 cities.