Coca-Cola acquires Australian kombucha manufacturer

28 Sep 2018

The Coca-Cola Company has acquired South Australia-based kombucha maker Organic & Raw Trading Co., maker of the MOJO brand, for an undisclosed sum.

This is the first time The Coca-Cola Company has acquired full ownership of a kombucha brand anywhere in the world. It points to a global strategy designed to shift the company toward the growing popularity of organic probiotic drinks.

‘In just over eight years, Organic & Raw has gone from selling MOJO at a local farmers’ market to producing one of Australia’s leading organic kombucha brands,’ says Vamsi Mohan, President of Coca-Cola Australia in a media release.

‘With this acquisition, Coca-Cola Australia can take a leading role in helping The Coca-Cola Company in the still-emerging, premium-probiotic kombucha category, which is the fastest-growing beverage category in Australia. This is a strong opportunity for us.’

Anthony Crabb, co-founder and CEO of Organic & Raw, says Australians are increasingly after great-tasting, low sugar drinks that deliver additional functional benefits, such as gut health.

‘They also support sustainable packaging options, and MOJO uses clear glass bottles that can be recycled,’ says Crabb. ‘MOJO will play an important part in helping Coca-Cola meet our commitment to reduce sugar by 20% by 2025 and in meeting our sustainability commitments through providing recyclable packages.’

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