2019 Benchmark Report positions Australia as ideal investment destination

08 Apr 2019

Australia’s new Benchmark 2019 report is now available.

Produced by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), the annual report presents economic, financial and demographic data to highlight Australia’s competitive strengths in global trade and investment.

Australia’s robust economy is in its 28th year of consecutive annual economic growth – the only developed economy in the world to achieve this distinction. Despite comprising only 0.3% of the world’s population, Australia’s economy is the 14th largest in the world with a GDP of US$1.5 trillion. Over the next five years, Australia is expected to realise annual real GDP growth of 2.7% – the highest among major advanced economies.

This year’s edition examines five dynamic industries in which Australia has the capacity and capabilities to provide goods and services to the world: resources, food, education, tourism and financial services. The nation’s credentials in fintech, medtech, edtech and agtech are also attracting global attention.

The report includes a section on Australia’s innovation and skills, demonstrating how the country is an ideal environment for cultivating and testing new ideas. It also shows the country’s global ties and strong two-way trade, which facilitate the smooth flow of goods, services and investments across Asia, Europe and North America.

Finally, the report showcases the strong foundations that support Australia’s credentials as a low-risk destination to locate a business.

Austrade will provide in-depth economic analyses of key findings from the 2019 Benchmark Report over the coming weeks.

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