Bosch opens new Hydraulics and Manufacturing Automation Centre in Australia

03 Sep 2021

Bosch Australia has opened a new A$17 million Hydraulics and Manufacturing Automation Centre. The centre will bring together Bosch’s manufacturing and engineering expertise in one location. The investment, backed by the Victorian Government, will create 35 new jobs.

Automation expertise for clients in Australia and overseas

The Automation Centre will provide manufacturing and consultancy services to businesses in Australia and overseas. Bosch’s technology can be used in sectors such as health, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing.

For instance, Bosch has built test equipment for ventilators in hospitals across Australia. It also built advanced assembly lines for a client producing rapid COVID-19 tests for the US market. It is now developing automated driving technology that has been tested on Victorian rural and urban roads.

‘There is no better partner for Australian manufacturers to turn to than Bosch Australia,’ says Gavin Smith, President, Bosch Oceania. ‘And there is no better place to establish our Hydraulics and Manufacturing Automation Centre than right here in Victoria.’

The Victorian Government has provided more than $184 million to the manufacturing industry over the past 6 years. It supports innovation in advanced manufacturing and digital technologies through several initiatives. This includes the A$2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund.

Australian Government support for advanced manufacturing

The Australian Government has committed A$1.5 billion to the Modern Manufacturing Strategy. The Strategy aims to make the Australian manufacturing industry more competitive, sustainable and resilient.

The Manufacturing Collaboration Stream provides co-funding for a small number of large, transformational projects. Applications are open until 9 September 2021.