Mars Wrigley and the A$30 million chocolate factory

13 Oct 2021

Mars Wrigley Australia will spend A$30 million to expand its chocolate factory in Victoria, Australia.

The investment will boost its manufacturing capabilities and future-proof its Australian business.

Asset improvements to make more chocolate

The expansion will allow Mars Wrigley to introduce more variants to its chocolate bar line.

It will also allow the company to roll out asset improvements to the M&M’s and Pods lines. Mars Wrigley invented Pods at the Ballarat factory. It is the only site in the world that makes the product. The factory makes about 1 billion Pods a year and 5 billion M&M’s a year.

The investment will also introduce a new packaging line for Maltesers. The line will allow Mars Wrigley to increase production and meet demand across Asia.

Mars Wrigley’s factory in Ballarat, Victoria, produces chocolate brands such as:

  • Maltesers
  • Milky Way
  • M&M’s
  • Mars

The company exports the products made at the factory to 17 countries.

Growing local manufacturing capability

Mars Wrigley Australia General Manager Andrew Leakey says the company wants to make more products in Australia.

‘The new investment will enhance our on-shore manufacturing technologies and capabilities and ensure our Australian business remains globally competitive.’

‘We have an important role to play in helping future-proof not only our business, but also the food and beverage manufacturing industry.’

The investment will also bolster the company’s commitment to upskill staff and build a talent pipeline.

The new investment is part of Mars Wrigley’s $37 million commitment to upgrade equipment. In 2020, the company invested A$300,000 in new technology at the Ballarat factory.

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