New PwC delivery centre to meet Australian demand for cyber services

12 May 2021

Australia’s demand for cyber services has prompted PwC Australia to open a new onshore delivery centre in Adelaide, South Australia.

The centre will focus on providing cyber security, cloud and financial audit services, reflecting the high market need for these services. It is expected to open in July 2021 and create 300 new jobs within 18 months.

The onshore delivery centre will also provide training through the vocational and tertiary education system. This gives local students the opportunity to ‘work while they study’ in a field directly related to future employment.

‘Our plan to open a new onshore delivery centre in Adelaide demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investing in Australia and Australian skills,’ says Tom Seymour, CEO of PwC Australia.

‘As part of PwC Australia’s digital transformation strategy, we are making a significant investment in growth to meet the rising demand for skills in cyber, cloud and assurance services, plus increasing our capacity onshore to address data sovereignty and security concerns.’

Growing demand for cyber security

Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing technology sectors in Australia. The Australian Government has pledged to invest A$1.67 billion over 10 years to create a more secure online world for Australia, as outlined in its Cyber Security Strategy 2020.

Australia’s services economy makes it an ideal growth environment for international cyber security businesses and service providers. Protecting key sectors such as financial services, defence, energy and communications is a priority. Financial services companies are the largest users of cyber security in Australia, accounting for almost one-third of nationwide demand.

Australia’s investment-friendly environment, government support and proximity to Asia also make the country an ideal destination to set up operations. Learn about the Australian cyber security ecosystem, including our capabilities and providers.

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