Siemens launches new Digital Energy TestLab with RMIT in Australia

18 Jun 2021

Siemens and RMIT are establishing a new Digital Energy TestLab in Melbourne. The facility will enable students and researchers to simulate intelligent electrical systems for smart cities.

The Melbourne facility is the latest addition in a network of TestLabs with universities across Australia. The TestLabs aim to build capability in critical areas such as energy, agribusiness and advanced manufacturing.

Research to focus on optimising energy systems for smart cities

Users at the Digital Energy TestLab can access a range of technologies to test and model real-world scenarios, and optimise energy systems for smart cities, including national and local energy grids.

These technologies include data analytics, Internet of Things, simulation, and hardware and software used by next-generation national networks.

Students can choose from two modelling options:

  • the national grid simulation that mimics complex energy scenarios using the Australian Energy Market Operator’s data
  • a microgrid system that mimics more complex energy flows from multiple traditional and renewable sources of various sizes.

I’m really proud to continue to work with RMIT and other Australian key educators to help drive better outcomes for the nation on the critical topics such as digitalisation and energy,’ says Jeff Connolly, Siemens Australia Chairman and CEO.

Australia is working towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will hinge on using new technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

Austrade works closely with Siemens Australia Pacific and Siemens Energy. The latter is a separate entity after it was spun out in 2020.

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