Cisco’s latest partnership to boost Australia’s cyber security capability

30 Nov 2021

Cisco is partnering with the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Government to elevate South Australia’s cyber security capability.

Addressing threats to critical infrastructure

Cisco is moving its office in Adelaide to Lot Fourteen, a research and innovation precinct. It will co-locate with A3C and share its expertise to build the state’s cyber skills.

Around 25% of cyber-attacks in Australia in 2020–21 targeted critical infrastructure. To address threats in this area, Cisco will invest in a new Critical Infrastructure Lab. The lab aims foster cyber security innovation among critical infrastructure operators.

Cisco will also work with national universities to understand common threats and build solutions. These include how to:

  • make technology platforms more resilient in the face of cyber threats
  • create a safe space for cyber security innovation before moving to full deployment.

Among these projects is a partnership between Cisco and the University of Adelaide to eliminate cyber threats in the battlefield.

Cisco will also expand its Networking Academy program. It will work with education partners to meet the growing demand for digital and cyber skills.

‘Through this investment, Cisco is supporting research, upskilling and reskilling in cyber security,’ says Ben Dawson, Cisco’s Vice President of Cisco Australia & New Zealand. ‘This allows Australia’s critical infrastructure operators to be better prepared and equipped to tackle the cyber threat.’

Cybercrime cost the Australian economy A$33 billion in 2020–21, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre. A cybercrime was reported every 8 minutes in 2020–21 – a 13% annual increase.

A magnet for innovative global tech and consulting firms

Lot Fourteen hosts several global technology firms and Australian and international research institutions. They include:

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