Google invests A$1 billion in Australian infrastructure, research and partnerships

26 Nov 2021

Google is investing A$1 billion (US$736 million) in Australia over the next 5 years. The Digital Future Initiative is the company’s largest investment in Australia to date.

Focus on infrastructure, research and partnerships

The Digital Future Initiative will focus on 3 areas.

Developing Australia’s digital infrastructure

Google will invest in the infrastructure needed to build a digital economy. It will focus on developing cloud computing.

Fostering Australian talent and technology

Google will launch its first research hub in Australia to develop local talent and technology. Google Research Australia will partner with the research community and Google Hubs worldwide. It will hire engineers and researchers to work on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Creating new technology partnerships

Google will partner with Australian institutions to solve Australian and global challenges. This includes working with CSIRO on clean energy and protecting the Great Barrier Reef. It will also work with Macquarie University to advance quantum computing.

We want to help Australia shape the next wave of innovations, and bring the benefits of technology to more people,’ says Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

‘We look forward to working together as Australia builds that future, and we can’t wait to be part of it.’

A history of innovation in Australia

Google has been in Australia for 20 years. It employs more than 2,000 staff, including 700 engineers, in Sydney and Melbourne.

Australians have contributed to Google innovations. These include early work on Google Maps to work on Chromebooks, Photos, Payments and Fitbit.

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