Naturli’ Foods taps into Australia’s A$185m plant-based meat market

03 Mar 2022

Danish company Naturli’ Foods is building a new facility in Australia to manufacture alternative meat. The project is a joint venture with Australian food distributor Botany Group.

It is one of several significant new projects demonstrating how emerging alternative meat products will complement Australia’s production of traditional proteins.

New plant to manufacture products for retail sale

The vegan manufacturing plant is based in New South Wales. Naturli’ is producing plant-based mince, plant-based burgers, Chick’n Style mince and other item. The products will be sold at major supermarkets across Australia. 

‘Although it has been a complex project, Naturli’ is thrilled to work closely with Botany Group,’ says Naturli’ Foods CEO Henrik Lund. ‘We believe there will be future opportunities for innovation that will directly benefit shoppers Down Under.’

‘The decision to produce Naturli’ goods here in Sydney will keep our supply chains local and will help to future-proof our business,’ says Botany Group CEO Anthony Manassen. ‘It also means that Australian consumers can enjoy innovative plant-based products with a smaller carbon footprint.’

Australia’s growing alternative meat market

Australia is also the world’s third fastest-growing market for plant-based foods. Food Frontier data shows that in 2019–20, Australia’s plant-based meat sector generated A$185 million in sales. This is up 32% from A$140 million in 2018–19.

Thomas Foods International, Australian Plant Proteins and Australian Milling Group are building 3 new plant protein manufacturing hubs in South Australia. The hubs will make various plant-based products, including meat alternatives.

The A$378 million venture is expected to create more than 8,500 full-time jobs and generate billions in export. The venture is partly funded by the Australian and state governments.

According to Food Frontier, consumer spending on plant-based meats in Australia is projected to reach A$3 billion by 2030. Australian brands make up 42% of products in the category.

  • Alternative Kitchen (Canada)
  • Beyond Meat (US)
  • Fable Food Group (Malaysia/Australia)
  • Impossible Foods (supplies the Grill’d burger chain in Australia)
  • Linda McCartney (UK)
  • Quorn (UK).

(Source: Food Frontier, 2020 State of the Industry: Australia’s Plant-based Meat Industry, March 2021).

Australian institutions are also undertaking research into plant-based proteins. CSIRO is working with industry to develop locally produced food made from plant-based proteins.

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