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Clinical trials success showcases Korea–Australia pharma collaboration

27 Feb 2019

Korean biopharma company, PharmAbcine, is commencing full-scale clinical trials of a brain cancer treatment in the United States, following pioneering early phase trials in Australia.

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Korean collaboration brings gene-splicing genius to Melbourne cancer project

13 Feb 2019

Australia’s world-class Medtech research has received an overseas boost, with Korean gene-editing specialist, ToolGen, signing a collaborative partnership with Melbourne-based biotech company, Carther ...

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Trailblazing ride-sharing app builds physical presence in Sydney

12 Feb 2019

New York-based ride-sharing innovator, Via Transportation, is opening its first Australian office in Sydney. The company is building a local workforce to grow its footprint in Australia.

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Australia beats US as Chinese CEOs’ investment top spot

8 Feb 2019

A global survey of chief executive officers (CEOs) shows Australia overtaking the United States, Japan and Germany as an investment destination among CEOs based in China.

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Australian duty free business acquired by Korea’s Lotte

25 Jan 2019

South Korean retail travel giant Lotte Duty Free has acquired JR/Duty Free in Australia and New Zealand for an undisclosed sum.

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US investor acquires stake in luxury Australian lodge brand

23 Jan 2019

An affiliate of US-based private equity firm KSL Capital Partners has invested in Australian luxury hotel brand Baillie Lodges.

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Australian digital diagnostics firm partners with QIAGEN on TB testing solution

22 Jan 2019

Australian digital diagnostics firm Ellume has partnered with German-Dutch company QIAGEN to develop a new tuberculosis (TB) testing solution for developing nations with a high disease burden of TB

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ExxonMobil to develop West Barracouta gas project in Australia

16 Jan 2019

ExxonMobil is developing the West Barracouta gas field off Victoria’s Bass Strait to bring new gas supplies to Australia’s domestic market.

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