Charts from the Benchmark Report

The Australia Benchmark Report provides rich data demonstrating why there is no better place than Australia to do business. The report examines five key reasons for investing in Australia – robust economy, dynamic industries, innovation & skills, global ties and strong foundations – and compares Australia’s credentials with other countries.

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World’s 20 largest economies, 2019

Australia’s A$2 trillion economy

GDP per person for selected economies, 1991-2019

High living standards

Australia’s economic growth since 1961

A rock-solid economy since 1961

Economic growth by country/region

Australia outpaces advanced economies

Asian economic growth

Proximity to Asia’s powerhouse economies

Australia’s real gross value added (GVA) by industry

A diversified, services-based economy

Growth by industry in Australia’s real gross value added

Australia’s service industries power ahead

General government net debt, 2019

Low government debt

Australia’s globally significant industries

Australia’s globally significant industries

Australia’s tech credentials

A leader in new technologies

Australia’s commodity exports, 2018–191

Abundant reserves of mineral and energy resources

Australia’s resources and energy sector, 2001-02 to 2018-19

Fast-growing exports in the resources and energy sectors