Case studies

Austrade has prepared a collection of case studies to highlight and explain some pathways to partnerships and positive relationship building - between investors/project proponents and traditional owners.

These case studies profile:

  • long-term agreements between traditional owners and project developers
  • how land access agreements, partnership agreements, MoUs and joint ventures have been – or are being – negotiated between companies and traditional owners (or organisations representing them)
  • where traditional owners are directing royalty streams and other income to establishing new businesses
  • the willingness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups to seek investment partners and their interest in being project proponents
  • efforts by traditional owners to develop new industries in northern Australia
  • research and commercialisation agreements with traditional owners.


Austrade held discussions, meetings and interviews with representatives from land councils, registered native title bodies corporate; groups acting on behalf of traditional owners; project proponents, research institutions, industry associations and government departments. 

Austrade shared drafts of each case study with representatives of the organisations and groups profiled prior to publication. Austrade also used public announcements, statements, media releases, reports and publications as sources.

Any queries relating to these case studies should be directed to Russell Baker at: russell.baker@austrade.gov.au.