About Play2Lead

The ability for teams to collaborate effectively is inconsistent. Workforce stress is increasing, whilst productivity and wellbeing is impacted. Staff and managers are also inconsistent in their ability to give and receive feedback in order to learn quickly from failure, resulting in teams that do not feel psychologically safe to perform. As humans, many of us don't know we have unconscious bias that affect our decision making. Automation is increasing and jobs are lost, with workers stressed about how to reskill.

Play2Lead helps teams build trust, inclusivity to create sustainably high performing and diverse teams. We make corporate learning fun, measurable & impactful! (Only startup to come 1st and 2nd in Workforce Singapore's Innovation Competition in 2016)

  • Gamified real-time leaderboards motivating learner participation
  • Mobile web responsive (no downloads!)
  • Extensive curated library of microlearning and micropractices for 21st century skill building (e.g. mindfulness/focus training and Emotional Intelligence)
  • Seamless integration with native apps (e.g. event apps and Virtual Reality content)

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