Investors' guide to land tenure in northern Australia


This is the second edition of a general guide to land tenure arrangements in northern Australia. It also provides a guide to tenure and native title that might apply to any one geographical location in northern Australia. The guide will be developed over the next three years as part of the Australian Government’s commitment in the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia to provide more business friendly information on the different land tenure arrangements to increase the appeal of investing in the north.

What is native title?

Native title can exist over certain land tenures and can impact the use of land. Many traditional owners have expressed a desire to be involved in and benefit from development on their land.

Find out more about native title, how it applies to land within northern Australia and how to engage with traditional owners.

Guide to Native Title

What is land tenure?

Land in northern Australia is held and occupied under many different land tenure types.

Discover how land is held, what each tenure type means and examples of commercial activities conducted on different land tenures within northern Australia.

Guide to land tenure

Find types of land tenure and title in northern Australia

Discover more about the location of land tenure systems and native title holdings, along with topographical and infrastructure information.