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Podcast Ep 9: Partners in Cryptocurrency, Monash University and The Hong Kong Polytech University

For anyone wanting a crash course in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, this podcast episode is for you.

For our last Aussie Innovators in Hong Kong podcast of 2017 we spoke to Dr Joseph Liu of Monash University about the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Research and Development Lab at Monash’s Clayton campus that has established a node at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

In late 2017 Monash and Collinstar Capital signed a multi-million-dollar deal to develop a blockchain cryptocurrency called Hcash using technology Dr Liu claims to be better than Bitcoin.

Dr Liu believes Hcash will be able to function as a virtual cryptocurrency exchange, providing a connecting point for all existing blockchain systems - whereas currently cryptocurrencies can only be exchanged within their own system.

The focus of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrence R&D Lab in Monash and the Hub in HK Poly however goes beyond Hcash. Dr Liu forecasts the production of significant research output in the area of blockchain, particularly practical blockchain-based solutions with rigorous security that can, in addition to digital currencies, be applied in other application domains, such as digital health.

We were lucky to meet Dr Liu, somewhat serendipitous, on a visit to Melbourne in December. He was very kind enough to take some time to give me a crash course in blockchain and crypto - which we thought we'd share with you. We hope you enjoy the episode!