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Australia to assist Punjab in the development of Future Olympians

Victoria University launches sports development programme in collaboration with Punjab Institute of Sports for sports eco-system development in Punjab

Australia’s Sports Development Programme for The Government of Punjab was formally launched today at Mohali (SAS Nagar). The programme facilitated by The Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government is a collaboration between Australia based Victoria University and Punjab Institute of Sports, Government of Punjab.

The programme was formally launched by Mr Manvesh Singh Sidhu IAS, Special Principal Secretary to the Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Punjab and Mr Vivek Pratap Singh IAS, Secretary Sports, Government of Punjab.

Victoria University through their Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) will be assisting and working with the Government of Punjab on sports development in Punjab through the Punjab Institute of Sports. Activities under this programme include development of a long-term master project plan covering up to 12 sporting disciplines in Punjab; sport science expertise development through intensive education of Punjabi coaches; upskilling of Physical Education teachers in the state, and student exchange programs with Punjab’s state universities.

From third year onwards, Victoria University will identify opportunities for joint Masters and PhD projects to further help in building the sport ecosystem including high performance protocols and developing sport science curriculums (nutrition, biomechanics, skill acquisition etc). In the long term, Victoria University will also support the Punjab Institute of Sports to set-up sports science laboratories for exercise physiology, sports biomechanics, sports nutrition and sports physiotherapy which will provide testing services to athletes and coaches.

The expected outcomes of this project are development and implementation of a mass participation plan to achieve significant social impact across the community, re-training of development of state coaches & physical education teachers to develop capabilities at grassroots level, and long term athlete development plan to help sportspersons from Punjab in delivering excellence. The key beneficiaries of this project will be budding athletes, coaches and Physical education teachers and society at large.

This project was identified on the basis of the vision of The Government of Punjab to develop the state of Punjab as a key source of elite players for national and international championships, and to improve India’s standing at the Olympics through sustainable development of sports ecosystem. The Punjab Institute of Sports (PIS) was established for developing and implementing sports policy and delivering sporting excellence.

This programme is one of the first projects started under the “Co-operation in Sport” MoU signed between Australia & India in September 2014.

Victoria University will leverage its sporting expertise developed through Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL). Victoria University have a long-standing strategic partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport, including jointly appointed staff, who in their capacity can access the wider expertise of the Australian Institute Sport and national sporting organisations for components of the services as required.

Speaking about the project Mr Sukhvir Grewal, Director Training of Punjab Institute of Sports said “The Punjab Institute of Sports has joined hands with Victoria University to develop sports eco-system in Punjab state. Victoria university’s sports scientists who have a spent a significant time of their career working with Australian sports persons will now help Punjab in producing future Olympians. The project will provide framework for imparting grassroots training based on growth & development principles to every Punjabi kid who comes to PIS facilities and Punjab sports centres across the state. The training of budding athletes will be delivered on the basis of a rigorous curriculum which will be designed by Victoria university and will include sports sciences components for practical learning, physical development, skills acquisition, nutrition & health. The pathway program for elite sportspersons developed by Australian sports scientists will help us in developing high performance sportspersons who will have capability to deliver Olympics podium finish”.

According to Dr Camilla Brockett (Senior Fellow – Sports Partnerships, ISEAL) and co-project leader, “Victoria University (VU), through its Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL) is known for its world leading position in sport science and sport management programs and research. Along with expertise in international sport development, VU/ISEAL is advancing its global reputation in international sports consultancy and translational research. The Australian government has supported and endorsed VU/ISEAL with its active engagements across India. This landmark collaborative agreement between PIS and VU/ISEAL is a significant step to advancing Australia-India cooperation in sport, and importantly, illustrates Punjab’s commitment to achieving sporting excellence and community impact through sport.”

Speaking about the programme, Tom Calder, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government said, “Australia has well developed sports capability which includes training of elite players and coaches, development of sports at the grassroots level, sports health capabilities including athlete nutrition and sports medicine to prevent and cure sports injuries, application of sports technology to improve and gauge performance. Australia also offers a range of higher education and vocational education relevant ranging from sports physiotherapy, sports coaching, sports analytics and sports management”.

“The pace at which Indian sports ecosystem is developing, Australian organisations are well placed to deliver their expertise in sports technology, sports training, sports consultancy and sports education. The Australian Trade & Investment Commission is introducing Australian expertise in India through sports consultancy projects to support the governments and corporate groups to re-design their elite athlete training systems and grass-roots products”, said Tom Calder.

For more information on the Australia’s Sports Development Programme in Punjab, please contact Mr Ashish Sharma, Business Development Manager, Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government at or at +91 95012 88660.