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【大阪】Australian University Alumni Networking Event in Osaka


日 時   2016年6月2日(木)19:00 (18:30開場)
会 場   リーガロイヤルホテル大阪  28F クラウンルーム(中之島・大阪)
対 象 


  1. オーストラリアの大学/大学院のディグリープログラム (Bachelor, Honours, Master, PhD) を修了した方、または
  2. 交換留学/スタディアブロードプログラムで1セメスター以上留学した方、または
  3. 大学/専門学校にてディプロマ以上 (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma) の資格を取得した方。


* 登録は定員に達したため締め切りました。事前にご登録いただいた方以外の当日のご参加はお断りいたします。

The Australian Embassy and Consulate General in Osaka are pleased to announce a networking event for alumni of Australian education will be held in Osaka on Thursday 2 June. We cordially invite graduates of Australian universities and vocational education and training institutions to this first Australian alumni event. We hope this event provides opportunities for you to develop a new network of contacts in the Kansai region.


I. Graduates of Australian universities who obtained a degree in either a Bachelor, Honours, Masters or PhD program;

II. Japanese former exchange/study abroad program students who completed one semester or more at an Australian university; or,

III. Graduates of a university or vocational education and training who obtained a Diploma or above (Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma).

All nationalities are welcome.

Date   Thursday, 2 June, 2016
Time   19:00 (Reception opens at 6:30pm)
 Venue  Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka, 28F Crown Room

*  Registrations have now reached capacity and we are unable to accept further registrations. Please note that we cannot accept anyone who has not registered nor received our confirmation email.

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