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Welcome from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) team in North America…

Australia’s relationships with the United States and Canada are deep, enduring and broad - reflecting our shared past and common values. Political, economic, academic, and people-to-people ties are vibrant and strong. 

The US remains Australia’s indispensable economic partner. The cumulative value of two-way investment between the US and Australia reached A$1.48 trillion (US$1.10 trillion) in 2016. The US is the largest source of foreign direct investment into Australia, with many American companies well established in the Australian market. Australia is also a significant investor in the United States and an integral part of US growth across all 50 states. 

Canada is a vital trade and investment partner for Australia. Canadian investment in Australia reached A$42.6 billion (C$41 billion) in 2016. Australia is Canada’s largest destination for foreign direct investment in the Asia-Pacific, and is the fourth largest source for FDI into Canada. Canada is an attractive market for Australian exporters and investors, while the Canadian business presence in Australia also continues to grow.  

In 2019 we will bring delegations showcasing Australia’s best in:

  • Resources & Energy 
  • Cyber security
  • EdTech
  • Digital Health
  • Blockchain
  • AgTech
  • Life Sciences

These delegations provide an opportunity to showcase Australian innovation and to highlight investment and collaborative opportunities to North American companies. Whether you are an Australian startup aiming to enter the North American market, or a North American professional seeking to collaborate with Australian talent and innovation, Austrade can connect you with the right partners.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our bilateral relationships. We have eight offices across Canada and the US. Please contact us at either or We look forward to hearing from you!

Celebrating 100 Years

The Australian Embassy’s First 100 Years of Mateship campaign celebrates the unique partnership between Australia and the United States, based on shared values, mutual respect and the deep friendship between our people.

mateship-logoOur mateship was born in the trenches of WW1, when Australian and American soldiers fought together for the first time at the Battle of Hamel – under the command of Australian General Sir John Monash. Since then, Australia is the only nation to have fought alongside the United States in every major conflict of the past century.

As mates past, present and future, Australia and the United States work closely together to make the world more safe and secure, to increase prosperity for our people and create new opportunities for business and investment.

Who are we?

The Austrade North America team is ready to connect you with the right partners and the right people. We have strong networks both in market and in Australia, along with years of industry and government experience. We want to help you achieve your business goals by meeting your needs in sourcing partners, products, investment, and education opportunities from Australia. What is the Australian Trade and Investment Commission and what do we do?

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Why Australia?

Australia is rich in cultural, scientific and business talent. The nation is outward-looking with serious global interests and major regional priorities. Click here to find out more.

Australia Unlimited highlights Australian excellence in Business, Culture, Design, Environment, Food, Science and Technology. At the heart of the Australian Unlimited concept is Australia's enterprising spirit.
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Where the US & Australia Meet

Learn about the G’DAY USA program of events.

G’Day USA is Australia’s premier public and economic diplomacy program in the United States bringing together corporate leaders, policy makers, creative industries and academia to successfully cultivate and enhance the Australia-United States relationship.