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MSPO 2018 in Kielce

The annual International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) was held in Kielce, Poland from 4 to 7 September. MSPO is the third largest defence event in Europe and attracts companies and government officials from around the world.

The Australian presence included the Ambassador, Department of Defence officials, Austrade Warsaw and seven Australian companies – Thales Australia, Trakka Systems, Future Fibre Technologies, Marathon Targets, Birdon, RFS and Ferra Engineering.

The Polish defence forces are undergoing the most ambitious modernisation program in the country's history. Geo-political pressures on the eastern and southern flanks of Europe and the need to improve interoperability to support participation in international operations with NATO, UN, and the European Union (EU) are driving government spending in the defence sector. Poland’s defence procurement program is comprehensive and covers air, land and sea platforms.