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AustCham ASEAN Launch

AustCham Asean

Trade data for 2015-16 shows the ASEAN region continues to be an important trading partner for Australia.

ASEAN is currently a ‘top three’ trade, export and import market. In terms of total trade values, the region’s trade with Australia accounts for $93 billion in transactions which ranks it third behind Australia’s other major two-way trade partners China ($150 billion) and the European Union ($96 billion).

With this in mind, three board members from the Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore established the Australia-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce (AustCham ASEAN) with support from the Australian Chambers of Commerce in Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Australian Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP officially launched the Australia-ASEAN Chamber of Commerce (AustCham ASEAN) during his recent visit to Singapore at a lunch organised by AustCham Singapore.

The new Chamber will help to coordinate efforts to promote ASEAN as a key market for Australian business, and assist in de-mystifying markets across the region by providing valuable information about opportunities for Australian companies.

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