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Food South Australia - Strategic Framework - September 2017


On Friday, 1 September 2017 Food South Australia released a strategic framework focusing on growing the food and beverage industry through innovation.

This framework is the result of a major research project over the last 12 months, undertaken with the Centre for Global Food and Resources. The goal of this research was to develop an industry-led set of priorities and identify this sector’s challenges and opportunities. The framework is now available on Food South Australia's website.

The food and beverage industry is critical to the economic sustainability and growth of South Australia (SA). The objective of this framework is to allow the SA food and beverage industry to set the priorities and directly inform stakeholders of the needs and challenges that they face.

A key finding of the research has been a concentration of young entrepreneurial food businesses in South Australia. While they are achieving in product and market development, these businesses also need to develop strong and robust business and operations systems to ensure their future.

For more information about Food South Australia, contact Austrade Singapore - Abby Chan, Investment and Trade Manager, South Australia.

For information about the Australian food and beverage industry, contact Austrade Samantha Mark, Business Development Manager, Food and Agribusiness.