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Tightening Cyber Security Together

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Breaches happen. Cyber attacks are on the rise.  An attack on your organization can affect your operations, financial statements and reputation. The threats today are really real. Company’s data can get stolen that subject to ransom ware. Personal data can get stolen, personal photos and videos.

Cybercrime industry is actually quite huge. In 2018 itself, it is estimated that cyber criminals made off about 1.5 billion US dollars from their illicit activities and these number will continue to grow.

It’s terrifying, the abilities for hackers. If you look at cyber security today, versus 4 or 5, or 6 years ago, cyber security is a commodity now.

To address and mitigate these large and complex breaches, Singapore is expecting to increase its information security expenditure. From extending strong support to providing training to the cyber security workforce, the Singapore government has also made it really attractive for cyber security companies to set up its global original headquarters in Singapore. Its easy to find partners in this little Red Dot to collaborate and pursue opportunities in the cybersecurity sector.

On the other hand, the Australian Government’s A$47m Joint Cyber Security Centre program model that facilitates stronger partnerships between 101 organisations across private and public sectors, including defence industry, finance, transport, energy, health, mining, and education, can be useful to leverage for Singapore as well.

An internship by students from Curtin University, Singapore with Austrade Singapore, produced the following videos on the cybersecurity scene in Singapore

Take a peek at a teaser of the cybersecurity sector in Singapore here.

For the full video, watch it here - Tightening Cyber Security Together.

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