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Transforming the Singapore built environment with Innovation and Technology

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Australian built environment companies have contributed to Singapore's landscape and through innovation and strategic partnerships, grow their capabilities and business across the region.

An internship by students from Curtin University, Singapore with Austrade Singapore, produced the following videos on the built environment scene in Singapore.

  1. Take a peek at the teaser of the built environment sector in Singapore here.
  2. For the full video, watch it here - Transforming the Singapore built environment with innovation and technology.

Singapore aims to be a key node for technology, innovation and enterprise in Asia and around the world. This will involve deepening linkages between complementary industries by grouping them into clusters.

Under the S$4.5 billion Industry Transformation Program, Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) had been developed for 23 industries. These ITMs are industry-specific road maps which aim to take an integrated approach where trade associations and chambers (TACs), companies and the Government work together to help each sector prepare for the future.  The 23 ITMs have now been grouped into 6 clusters to maximise opportunities for collaboration.

Built Environment is one of the cluster focussing on 4 Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs) - Construction, Real Estate, Security and Environmental Services.

Traditionally, the Singapore Building and Construction Authority (BCA) takes the lead role in moving the Singapore Built Environment sector forward. With the ambition of the Singapore government, transforming the city-state into a smart city, various government agencies and industry players have come together to play a part role in it.

BCA is the lead agency to execute the Construction ITM with a government funding of S$4m, whilst Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) – Built Environment unit is responsible for Real Estate, Security and Environmental Services, working in partnership with BCA and the various lead agencies towards a “future ready built environment”. IMDA also has a responsibility over creating Smart Estates within this city-state and one of the active projects is the Punggol Digital District (PDD).

BCA is in partnership with Ministry of National Development (MND), JTC Corporation (JTC) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to launch a Built Environment – Accelerate to Market Program (date to be finalised) with the intent to transform the Built Environment Industry and build up a vibrant eco-system of innovators for the built environment.

The Singapore Built Environment is looking at how best to utilise technology as an enabler to make a piece of infrastructure more efficient along the whole supply chain from design, construction to operation and maintenance. BCA and IMDA are working with public and private companies to build capabilities in urban solutions, in the area of immerse technology, artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain.

Interested to know more about the built environment sector in Australia?  Contact Austrade Singapore to find out more.