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“For Australia the longer term challenge is to progress from being merely popular to truly respected”
- Simon Anholt, founder, Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index

The Power of Reputation

A nation brand is the sum of people’s perceptions of a country. The degree to which a county is admired, trusted and respected can have direct economic and social impact on that nation.

In a fiercely competitive world, a strong global reputation can keep doors open for Australian business and industries, while attracting students, investment, tourists and the best talent.

Imagine if we harness the full power of our reputation, and use it for Australia’s prosperity and wellbeing, now and in the future. That is the aim of Australia’s Nation Brand.

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Australia's Nation Brand

We’re developing a powerful, inspiring and iconic Nation Brand that will drive the world’s appetite for Australia.

This unifying brand will harmonise what the world sees, hears, knows and experiences of Australia, so that everything Australian is easily recognisable.

It will capitalise on Australia’s known strengths, rebalance perceptions about our capabilities and capture a national spirit that has evolved.

A strong nation brand is more than a single logo or tagline. Nation branding involves creating a framework and consistent narrative to market our credentials to the world, and includes messaging, activations and visual cues.


Uniting the nation

The private and public sector are joining forces to create the best brand for Australia. From our Advisory Council and Brand Expert Working Group, to consultations with businesses and industry, Australia’s Nation Brand is being designed by industry for industry.

Led and shaped by industry, backed by government, this is Team Australia working hand in hand.

Australia's Nation Brand Advisory Council

Strategic advice and leadership

Some of Australia’s brightest business minds are leading this initiative on behalf of all Australian businesses and industry. The Advisory Council’s role is to provide strategic advice and to encourage private sector engagement. As leaders of industry with a global perspective, each brings unique insights to this initiative. Their collective experience will ensure that the Nation Brand resonates across industries and in markets around the world.

Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council

Top row, L-R: Andrew Forrest AO, Christine Holgate, Mike Cannon-Brookes, Wesley Enoch, Jayne Hrdlicka, Alan Joyce AC Bottom Row, L-R: Bob East, Rod Jones, Stephanie Fahey, Edwina McCann, Glenn Cooper, Michael O’Keefe

Nation Brand Expert Working Group

Branding and creative guidance

When creating Australia’s biggest brand, we need Australia’s best marketing brains. The Nation Brand Expert Working Group’s highly respected marketing specialists are helping guide the development of the brand strategy and activation plan. They stretch and test creative strategies to ensure that the resulting Nation Brand is robust, well-rounded and resonates across different industries, and is delivered in the best way to support industry.

working-group Top row, L-R: Joe Pollard , Ben Lazzaro, Stephanie Tully, Daniel Stacey Middle Row: Susan Massasso, Lisa Ronson, Tanya Bowes, Andrea Pearman Bottom Row, L-R: Amy Glancey, Harold Mitchell AC, Lisa Sharp, Adam Ferrier

Industry Consultations

Listening to what Australian businesses need

Together with research and testing, industry consultation is providing insights into how Australia’s Nation Brand can support industry growth and global competitiveness. Consultations stretch across industry, government, and community groups.

In June and July 2018, Industry and Business Engagement Forums were held in every state and territory around Australia, as well as digitally, with attendance from a cross section of industry and business. Ideas and knowledge from these forums are informing the creation of the Nation Brand. Industry consultation will be undertaken at every step as the brand is evolved.


Project Background

Delivering what Australians asked for

Australian industry and stakeholders asked for a more coordinated approach to how Australia is presented globally, and as a response to these submissions, the Government committed to developing a stronger nation brand on the release of the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper.

“The Government is committed to marketing our commercial, educational and cultural credentials. We will develop a stronger nation brand that reinforces our reputation as an internationally competitive investment destination, a great place to visit, a quality provider of education and a trusted exporter of premium quality goods and services. This will complement our broader trade and investment policies and add impetus to our major economic partnerships.”

Read more in the Foreign Policy White Paper.