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Australia’s Nation Brand – Update December 2018

As the year draws to a close, it’s timely to share the progress that’s been made in developing a bold nation brand for our great nation. 

When Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council was established early this year, it demonstrated the “coming of age” for Australia and a near universal support for a unifying Nation Brand. 

Together with the extended Nation Brand team, we have spent considerable time listening to the views of industries on what we need to build and how it will be used by diverse Australian industries – be it tourism, education, science, investment, agriculture, mining, sports, the arts and more. 

Now we have to deliver!

We have heard the need to build a Nation Brand that will bring together all Australian industries, services and experiences. A brand that enhances our reputation, opens international doors and keeps them open so we can drive continued commercial and economic success for Australia. Incorporating these diverse views has been our challenge in 2018. Having laid this foundation, we are committed to moving forward on the back of strong research and consultation towards a Nation Brand launch in 2019.

Since our last update in September the Advisory Council has met each month to ensure progress continues to build on the insights gathered from the industry engagement forums, through strategy development and the creative design stage.  

We will shortly be announcing the appointment of a creative agency following a competitive tender process. With a creative agency on board, we will be able to start sharing more broadly our creative thinking for further refinement and evolution. 

The recent China International Import Expo in Shanghai illustrates the opportunities created by showcasing Australian industries to the world - more than 200 Australian brands were represented, 160,000 Chinese buyers attended and Australian and Chinese partners signed 11 agreements worth an estimated $15 billion over the next five years. A strong Nation Brand will only enhance our ability to convert these types of opportunities into tangible benefits for Australia in the future.

Thank you for your ongoing interest in this exciting initiative. We look forward to sharing some evolved creative concepts more broadly in the New Year. 

Kind regards
Dr Stephanie Fahey
What’s next…

The Advisory Council and Austrade Nation Brand team deeply analysed the information and insights from the industry forums and they informed the brief provided to creative agencies. In recent months the shortlisted creative agencies have presented back their ideas on what a bold and contemporary world’s best nation brand for Australia might be.  

It’s been a highly competitive open tender process governed by Commonwealth procurement rules, so we haven’t been able to share these more broadly. We will shortly be announcing the appointment of the successful creative agency and how they will help us talk about Australia internationally in a new and contemporary way – our people, place and capabilities. 

In the New Year we will be undertaking intensive consultations on the nation brand as we look to evolve and refine creative concepts. We will be looking for further feedback from all sectors from all corners of Australia, so look out for the opportunity to provide your input early in the New Year.
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Australia's Nation Brand will be a unified and strategic representation of Australia's capabilities internationally will improve our nation's global reputation and competitiveness across all industry sectors to support Australia's economic growth. 

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