Insight – Seafood exports to Taiwan to be streamlined under new systems recognition arrangements

Taiwan has formally recognised the Australian seafood export system for all species of seafood and all types of products under the HS code headings of 03, 1604 and 1605. This comes after four years of negotiations between the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) and Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (TFDA).

As a result, DAWE export-registered seafood establishments will have improved market access to Taiwan from 26 July 2021.

Under the new systems recognition arrangements, seafood establishments seeking to access the Taiwan market will not be subject to time-consuming and costly audit processes that were previously required for some species. This development represents a substantial win for Australian seafood exporters and is evidence of Australia and Taiwan’s mutual interests in building stronger trade ties.

Seafood establishments on the new List of Australian Approved Seafood Establishments Approved for Export to Taiwan are permitted to export seafood products that fall under the HS codes to Taiwan.

What exporters should do

On 28 June 2021, DAWE published a Market Access Advice Notice about access to export fish and fish products to Taiwan. Exporters are encouraged to review this notice and verify details of export establishments on the TFDA website prior to undertaking production/exports to Taiwan, to avoid discrepancies between export documentation and the TFDA list.

If your establishment is not on the TFDA list, please contact DAWE. DAWE will then notify TFDA to update the published list. DAWE cannot confirm the timeframe for TFDA to update the list.

Further details of importing country requirement will be made available on the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (Micor).


This article is based on information provided by the Australian Government’s network of Agriculture Counsellors. Find out more about the Agriculture Counsellor network, including contact details.

Austrade has additional information about the Taiwan market.

Market overview

  • In 2020, Taiwan imported US$1.55 billion of seafood, including US$440 million of crustaceans, US$268 million of frozen fish and US$245 million of molluscs.
  • China is the main supplier of seafood to Taiwan, followed by Norway and Indonesia.
  • Australia had a market share of 2%, exporting US$35.5 million.
Taiwanese Seafood Imports (2020)
Commodity Total Taiwanese imports Australia’s market share
Lobster[i] US$24.2m 7%
Abalone[ii] US$16.2m 2%
Salmon[iii] US$239.4m 10%
Preserved fish US$93.6m 0%
Preserved crustaceans and molluscs US$91.4m 2%

[i] Rock lobster – HS 0306.11, 0306.12 & 0306.31, 0306.32
[ii] Abalone – HS 0307.81, 0307.83, 0307.87 & 0307.89
[iii] Salmon – HS 0302.11, 0302.13, 0302.14, 0302.19, 0303.11, 0303.12, 0303.13, 0303.14, 0303.19, 0304.52, 0304.81, 0304.81, 0304.82, 0305.41 & 0305.43.