Australia’s smart energy supply and storage expertise highlighted in new report

28 Jul 2017

Australia’s expertise in innovative energy generation, storage and management solutions is highlighted in Austrade’s new Microgrids, smart grids and energy storage solutions industry capability report.

The report is designed to showcase Australia’s world-leading capabilities in smart energy supply and storage to international customers and stakeholders, and ensure they consider Australian companies when sourcing next-generation energy solutions.

Australia has over a century of experience tackling some of the biggest energy challenges, including supplying electricity to remote locations, managing variable energy demands and integrating renewable sources into existing networks.

Australian firms are developing and commercialising new technologies; applying existing technologies to emerging problems; coming up with new ways to make systems smarter and more efficient; and taking innovative solutions to some of the most remote and rugged sites on Earth.

As a result, Australian expertise is in international demand to meet current and future energy needs.

‘There are current opportunities for Australian remote grid and microgrid suppliers in Pacific island markets, as well as ASEAN markets,’ said Isaac Court, Austrade’s Trade Manager, Resources and Energy.

‘India is another market which will present opportunities for microgrid technologies, as it continues to develop its energy infrastructure,’ added Court.

The report includes information on Australian capabilities in microgrids, which have become an integral part of electricity supply for remote communities, along with installations that can operate in extreme temperatures and rugged terrain.

It also includes details on Australian companies that have taken on the challenges of incorporating renewable energy sources into existing electricity grids and planning for the future energy needs of fast-evolving cities and regions – even individual households – through smart grids and novel energy storage solutions.

Some of these Australian companies are exploring new chemistries for energy storage; harnessing wave, solar and wind energy to help communities save money and reduce emissions; and using the Internet of Things to provide consumers with powerful tools for viewing and managing their energy generation and usage.

For more information on smart energy opportunities, email Austrade.