Australian manufacturer makes inroads in Poland’s aviation sector

30 Oct 2017

Expanding opportunities in Poland’s aviation sector and access to surrounding European markets has lured Australian manufacturer Cablex to Warsaw. The company has established an office in Poland’s capital city to meet increasing demand for its products in Europe.

Melbourne-based Cablex manufactures custom cables for the defence and aerospace industries, and exports complex wiring harnesses and specialised electrical products.

Anthony Weymouth, Austrade’s Warsaw-based Senior Trade Commissioner for Central Europe, says Poland boasts over 100 years of aviation and aerospace manufacturing experience and is seen as an important part of the global aerospace industry supply chain.

‘This is evident from the major global players that have established manufacturing sites in Aviation Valley located in Southern Poland,’ says Weymouth.

‘Aviation Valley has attracted companies such as Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin, Leonardo, Airbus, Safran, Pratt and Whitney, which manufacture aircraft components, landing gears, engine components helicopters, gliders, light and ultra-light aircraft, and unmanned aircraft.

‘Aviation Valley collaborates with EU and non-EU clusters, mainly from France, Germany, UK, Canada and the US, as well as with Aviation/Aerospace Australia.

‘Besides providing direct access to aviation manufacturers, Australian companies should consider Poland and Aviation Valley as it can provide access to Europe’s aviation supply chain, directly or by partnering with Polish companies,’ adds Weymouth.

‘This may also be attractive to Australian companies with existing supply arrangements in Australia to major North American and European prime contractors.’

Poland has embarked upon an ambitious armed forces modernisation program and the government is planning to spend A$45 billion over the next decade.

Michael Zimmer, Cablex CEO, says the decision to establish a presence in Poland was largely due to market opportunities and increasing demand from Cablex customers across Europe.

‘Our office will focus on providing mechanical and electrical systems solutions for the aerospace and defence industrial sectors while also servicing local and international customers,’ says Zimmer.

‘We see enormous benefits for our international customers with the new site being in close proximity to their supply chains in Europe.

‘Cablex is a highly accredited “one stop shop” for both complex and standard cable solutions, with the flexibility, agility and world-class expertise that ensures the production of cost competitive quality products and solutions,’ he adds.

The company has experience in developing and manufacturing electrical systems for harsh environments and developing solutions where electrical noise is a critical factor. Cablex offers bespoke, end-to-end engineering support, and C4I systems engineering and integration capabilities.

Weymouth says Cablex was one of seven Australian companies that participated in the International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) held in Kielce, Poland in September 2017, the region's most renowned defence exhibition.

‘In June this year, Cablex’s innovative solutions were awarded Airbus Helicopters’ Best Global Supplier Award for industrial performance, further demonstrating its standing in the international community,’ says Weymouth.

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