Australia’s expertise in disruptive technologies highlighted in new report

06 Nov 2017

Australia’s capability in disruptive technology applications and complex problem solving is highlighted in Austrade’s new Australian Disruptive Technologies report, which was released at the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Perth on 3-5 November.

The report showcases some of Australia’s world-class solutions in additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, automation, big data and analytics, blockchain, cloud, cyber security, immersive simulation, the Internet of Things and systems integration.

Australia’s transition from a resources- to services-based economy is driving disruptive technology development and applications across multiple sectors, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, services, health, infrastructure, and resources and energy.

The report, targeting international buyers, investors and collaborators, outlines Australia’s natural advantage in globally significant industries and the nation’s track record of excellence in complex problem solving.

Australian companies have niche capability in applying and leveraging disruptive technologies to address existing and emerging operational, financial, environmental and social issues.

These firms are well positioned to assist multinational corporations seeking to buy, partner or invest in new technologies to improve efficiencies and productivity along their value chain.

Australian companies and international firms looking to base their operations in Australia can also benefit from Australia’s proximity to Asia, with the region forecast to have approximately 11.7 billion connected devices by 2020 and strong interest in new disruptive technologies and services.

The report also positions Australia as an ideal test-bed for international collaborations in disruptive technologies, thanks to a tightknit R&D community of businesses, universities, research institutions and public sector agencies that welcome partnerships.

For more information, email Austrade.