Chinese mega-group tour comes to Western Australia

17 Aug 2017

Western Australia played host to a mega-group of 1,240 Chinese tourists in July, travelling under the Australia-China Approved Destination Status (ADS) scheme.

An ADS-approved inbound tour operator, Aus Highway Travel Services delivered 33 guided tours around Perth and regional Western Australia, including Kings Park, Elizabeth Quay, Swan Valley, Mandoon Winery, Fremantle, Rottnest Island and Mandurah.

The ADS scheme is a bilateral arrangement between the Australian and Chinese Governments, enabling Chinese tourists to travel to Australia in guided groups. The scheme aims to enhance integrity of the Chinese inbound tour group market, and ensure Chinese tourists receive a quality tourism experience. ADS-scheme tourists now account for about a quarter of all Chinese visitors to Australia.

Tourist visas under the ADS scheme are only available to people travelling in tours organised by outbound tour operators.

Aus Highway Travel Services reported that the mega-group tour operation was highly successful. ‘It's our great pleasure to deliver this mega-group tour in Perth,’ said a spokesperson.

‘I believe these lovely guests would spread the kindness of the Australian people and the history to their friends and relatives, and I believe there will be more tourists coming to Western Australia to experience this wonderful land.’

China is Australia’s most valuable inbound tourism market – 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited Australia in the 12 months to May 2017. By 2019–20, Chinese tourism is forecast to be worth A$18 billion to Australia’s economy in nominal terms.

Dan Williams, Austrade’s General Manager, Tourism Division, said the growth in Chinese tourism has also led to increased interest from tour operators and tour guides in joining the ADS scheme.

‘Over the past year, Austrade has approved eight new inbound tour operators and 447 tour guides to host and service ADS tour groups,’ said Williams.

Read more about the ADS scheme, or contact the ADS unit on 1800 048 155 or email