Bangladesh fishing for Australian aquaculture expertise

28 Jun 2018

A recent Australian success has highlighted Bangladesh’s need for technology and expertise to grow its fisheries and aquaculture industries.

Melbourne-based The Product Makers (TPM) has begun delivering its patented polyphenol-based feed additives to Bangladesh, following successful trials of the product in partnership with Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

Conducted by D.SK. Ahmad-Al-Nahid, Head of the Department of Fisheries at the university, the trials evaluated the response of two species of fish and freshwater prawn to the additives.

The results were presented at the Australian Fish & Feed Additive Seminar organised by Austrade, TPM and TPM’s local partner Banga Flavours & Fragrance. Around 35 leading animal feed pellet manufacturers and shrimp and fish farmers from Bangladesh attended the seminar.

‘The aim of the trials was to confirm the suitability of natural polyphenol products used at low doses in commercial fish and prawn pellets,’ said Dr Ahmad-Al-Nahid. ‘The industry has been looking for a natural non-antibiotic-based growth improver and this has the potential to expand the value and volume of exports.’

TPM’s polyphenol-based feed additives are derived from sugarcane and extracted using a patented process. The additives have higher feed conversion ratios than other animal feeds and the trials found result in larger fish and shrimp. The natural source of the additives also provides fish and shrimp farmers with a ‘clean’ label that improves export potential and value.

‘Australia has a reputation as a supplier of safe, high-quality onshore and offshore aquaculture, produced using environmentally sustainable practices in wild-catch fishing and aquaculture,’ said Mark Morley, Austrade Trade Commissioner for South Asia.

Australian firms offer the latest technology and processes, sophisticated management and modern catching regimes, and world-class harvest and post-harvest technologies. These innovations can help Bangladesh increase the output and value of its fisheries and aquaculture industries.

‘Austrade can support Australian fisheries and aquaculture technology and solution providers to connect with the fisheries and aquaculture industries in Bangladesh,’ he said.