New report showcases Australia’s international commercial arbitration expertise

24 Apr 2018

Austrade has launched its new International Commercial Arbitration report at the International Council for Commercial Arbitration 2018 Congress in Sydney, the world’s largest international arbitration conference.

The report lists the reasons why Australia is a compelling destination for international commercial arbitration (ICA), a private dispute resolution process in which parties from different countries have their disputes decided by one or more arbitrators, without recourse to the courts of a particular country.

Australia offers world-class international dispute resolution expertise, services and infrastructure. The country has a sophisticated legal profession with an independent judiciary, expert arbitrators and supportive institutions, and quality education and training, supported by a modern and transparent legislative framework facilitating best practice in ICA.

Australia’s judicial processes is ranked as the world’s best by the World Bank, and its political stability and neutrality makes it an ideal location for arbitrating disputes between parties in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

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