Austrade embraces digital to support services exporters

24 Apr 2019

Austrade has released the beta version of the Global Business Support Finder, a new online service that helps Australian service providers find the information they need to take their business to global markets and grow their international customer base.

The Global Business Support Finder uses two easy questions to match service providers with information relevant to their sector and the countries in which they intend to do business.

The tool then brings together information from various sources to equip service providers with the knowledge to make timely decisions.

The tool is also designed to make it easier for providers to navigate the complex range of services provided by government and industry bodies, and select the service that is most useful for their needs.

The Global Business Support Finder will provide information about issues such as legal restrictions or cultural considerations, which can be common barriers to trade for the Australian services sector.

Austrade welcomes feedback from members of the public on how the tool can be further refined and perfected. Express your interest if you would like to participate in user research for this tool.