Digital health opportunities on the rise in Vietnam

29 Jul 2019

Austrade’s new report, Digital Health in Vietnam: A Guide to Market, highlights the diverse digital health opportunities in one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam’s steady economic growth is creating a digitally literate middle class that is willing and able to spend more on high-quality healthcare, leading to a rise in demand for private providers and digital health services.

The report examines some of the major drivers behind Vietnam’s increasing need for healthcare, including an ageing population that requires coordinated, long-term care, and the need to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular conditions.

Vietnam is committed to developing healthcare, with spending set to rise from US$15.6 billion in 2018 to US$42.9 billion in 2028. 

The Vietnamese Government is also supporting the digitalisation of healthcare, launching projects to encourage and enable digital health solutions to be adopted in hospitals and clinics across the country. It has also issued policies to build the country’s ICT infrastructure.

‘Vietnam’s economic growth, health-conscious population and fast-developing 4G and 5G infrastructure provide the perfect environment for digital health solutions,’ says Shannon Leahy, Trade Commissioner, Austrade Vietnam.

‘There is strong interest in telemedicine and advanced technologies and systems that can improve decision making, improve operational efficiency and enhance patient care and experience.’

In addition to market trends and enablers, the report provides an overview of the Vietnamese healthcare system, competitive landscape, market challenges, specific opportunities for Australian digital health providers, and routes to market.

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