SavySoda to launch Pixel Starships into China’s US$37 bn gaming galaxy

23 Jul 2020

Melbourne-based games developer SavySoda is getting set to launch its highly successful mobile game Pixel Starships into the world’s largest games market.

One of China’s leading mobile games platforms and distributors, China Telecom, will make Pixel Starships available to China’s millions of gamers across the country.

Pixel Starships was recently featured by Apple in its ‘Best New Games’ listing.

Austrade’s in-county expertise has helped SavySoda enter China’s highly advanced gaming market, which is already worth more than US$37 billion, according to industry analysts. SavySoda joined Austrade’s first ‘Digital Games Bootcamp’ held in China in 2018.

‘Austrade has been a phenomenal help to us in accessing the China market,’ says Xin Zhao, Chief Executive Officer of SavySoda.

‘We were able to make some amazing connections with top publishers, industry experts and marketing partners.

Austrade Bootcamps are designed to give Australian developers an opportunity to understand overseas markets, and to meet with potential investors, distributors and partners.

With 619 million gamers, China is the number one market in the world for digital console, PC, and mobile games, and the market continues to grow.

After ceasing approvals for new games last year China’s regulatory bodies have resumed certification. SavySoda was one of the few international studios to be granted a licence this year.

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SavySoda team

The SavySoda team