WA aquaculture eyes Taiwan’s growing seafood markets

09 Nov 2020

Australian seafood exporters are diversifying markets in Asia – and Taiwan is proving receptive, according to Austrade in Taipei.

In October, more than 50 leading Taiwanese seafood importers, distributors, restaurants owners and supermarket buyers gathered at Austrade’s Taipei office for a live virtual seafood showcase event.

The online gathering featured eight seafood exporters from Western Australian.

Jointly delivered by Austrade Taipei and the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council, the event was a business-matching service that brought together leading seafood buyers with high-quality products from Western Australia.

At the event, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Brent Moore emphasised Taiwan’s value as a trusted market.

‘Taiwan has historically been a reliable trading partner for Western Australian seafood,’ he said.

A rising tide of exports

With a population of 23 million, and a GDP per head of US$28.8 million, Taiwan is one of Asia’s wealthiest large economies.

Taiwan is also a steadily growing market for seafood exporters. According to Taiwanese customs data, imports of seafood from Australia, New Zealand and the US have doubled since 2012, from $36.1 billion to $73.7 billion in 2019.

Although seafood exports from Australia dipped last year, they grew strongly from 2012, and topped $20 million in 2018.

Australia: a recognised source of highly quality seafood

Australian aquaculture officials are upbeat. Western Australian Fishing Industry Council Chief Executive Alex Ogg stressed the importance of building strong, enduring relationships.

‘The Western Australian fishing industry is proud of its sustainability record, especially those commercial fisheries which have been formally recognised and certified through the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC),’ he says.

MSC certification ensures Taiwanese consumers can trust the source of their seafood.

According to Mr Ogg, the seafood industry received proactive support from Austrade Taipei during recent pandemic restrictions.

As Australian exporters diversify markets, the seafood industry anticipates further engagement with Austrade in Taiwan.

For more information, contact Jennifer Chen in Taipei.