Australian cyber-security solutions on show in the US

03 Feb 2017

Australia’s world-class capabilities in cyber security will be on show as part of an Austrade delegation to the RSA Conference in San Francisco from 13–17 February 2017.

The delegation will be led by Craig Davies, CEO of the newly created Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, and he will be joined by the Chief Operating Officer, Michelle Price.

Thirty-two delegates from 26 companies in the Australian cyber-security ecosystem will attend a program of events held in conjunction with the conference. Australian participants will be briefed by key American cyber-security experts, and will have the opportunity to make connections with leading technology companies.

Nicola Watkinson, Austrade’s Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for North America, said the US is recognised as the global leader in cyber security, with four of the top five cyber-security vendors headquartered in the US.

“The US Government is the primary driver of the cyber-security industry, followed by the banking and finance, healthcare, critical infrastructure and ICT sectors,” said Ms Watkinson.

“The way in which leading US private-sector players are grappling with cyber threats provides some great examples of industry best practice, and a chance for Australian solutions providers to see where the trends are heading and how they can capture opportunities in this growing industry,” said Ms Watkinson.

“The cyber-security industry is based around technology centres, which are mapped out in Austrade’s Cyber Security US Clusters Report.

“San Francisco’s Bay Area is a cyber-security hotspot in the US and receives the most venture capital investment in the country.”

Ms Watkinson said leading global cyber-security firms Symantec, Intel, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco and FireEye all have their headquarters in the Bay Area, as well as established presences in Australia.

“This provides Australia’s cyber-security companies with an added advantage. Australia is also a popular testbed for technology, as well as the home of some of the best cyber-security research institutions, making us an attractive ecosystem.

“US companies across finance, defence, critical infrastructure and healthcare are rapidly addressing cyber-security threats.

“Australian companies looking to grow their business should consider working with Austrade to tap into market trends, new government initiatives and the extensive network of contacts available to capture this market opportunity,” said Ms Watkinson.

The delegation complements other ongoing trade and investment initiatives with the US being implemented by Austrade.

This includes the Landing Pads program, part of the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, which aims to help Australian entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market and build high-growth, high-return enterprises.

San Francisco is one of five global innovation hubs within the Landing Pads program.

Visit Austrade’s US Market Profile for more information about doing business in the US.

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