The Export Supply Chain Service  

The Export Supply Chain Service (ESCS) was established 1 August 2022 to share information with - and maintain connections between - SME agribusiness and food exporters, government partners and supply chain and logistics stakeholders. 

ESCS has three main functions:

  1. To coordinate intelligence-gathering and insights-sharing with stakeholders, including SME agribusiness, food and beverage exporters who may lack the resources to navigate complex international supply chain and logistics issues on their own.
  2. To connect stakeholders across the supply chain to each other, and to partner with Austrade's delivery and Tradestart teams, who provide one-on-one expertise to high impact expanding exporters as they build capability, strategically plan and manage export supply chains to strengthen resilience. 
  3. To advocate for exporters on supply chain issues within Federal Government agencies, and state and territory governments.

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ESCS Supply Chain Snapshot 

ESCS produces a fortnightly report to inform readers of the latest supply chain developments impacting Australian exporters.

The ESCS Supply Chain Snapshot alternates between air and sea freight content.

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